Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching & Supervision means that the body and the subconscious is included in the process of reflection. 


Our subconscious talks to us by producing physical or psychological symptoms which we should learn to interpret.

Our subconscious talks to us in our dreams which we should write down in a dream diary to think about the deeper significance

what the dream wants to tell us.

Our subconcious talks to us in involontary actions.


In the process of holistic coaching, my clients learn to focus on their body, mind and feelings to find their individual solutions for:

- Career Development

- Finding a new Job

- Fit for Job for long term unemployed

- Integration & Migration

- First Time Role as a Manager

- Being a Leader

- Family Issues

- Relationships Issues

- Multi-cultural relationships

- Health Prevention


Intercultural Coaching

©Manuela Kirchhoff
©Manuela Kirchhoff

Furthermore, intercultural Coaching includes different cultural systems, i.e.: companies, families, relationships.


Every system, every culture and every country has positive and negative aspects.

If we mix different cultures, we have the chance to overcome the shortcomings of one culture.

We have the opportunity to learn from the other cultures.


The German folk says: what the farmer does not know, he does not eat....

So conflicts in multi-cultural teams and bi-cultural families come up and need a translator and presenter to explain

the differences of cultures and ask for tolerance, acceptance and deeper understanding.





Yoga Psychology

"Before you educate other people, educate your heart".


Yoga means connection. Yoga means Balance. Yoga Psychology promotes health.

In work life, this means to to deal with employees as human beings not as machines which should function like a computer, but are a very sofisticated computer.


Our brain is like a computer. There are software programms which are unconscious. Our Body and soul will show.

If you want to maintain excellent work performance of your employees, the management has to learn how to treat people to motivate them from the inside and not frustrate them because of their own unwholesomeness.


In the northern countries, due to the cold climate too, families and companies mostly show a compulsive and "anal" management style which focusses on maintaining order and structure.


To be successful as a company, only structure is not enough.

We need creativity and positive energy at work, a balance of mental and body flexibility.


To develop as a person, family or company, we need both structure and flexiblity.

Flexibility shows in creative and free space to develop innovative aspects or solutions.


Staff Talks must include feelings and the physical and psychological needs of the employee to be able to "function" in the system. Feedback is necessary to both sides to develop.


Yoga Psychology can help to create positive and creative work atmosphere.